Jose Ortega has many reasons for being where he is at in his career today, his family being number one. He worked to master a trade in order to provide and ensure his family always had what they needed. He wanted to set an example for his girls that they can do anything in life, if they can only dream it.

Raymond and Kristy Smith, the creators of G&G Roofing, were mentors for Jose. He watched them and learned many valuable life lessons in the business and ultimately included him in the building process of G&G Roofing, a once small organization that turned into the large lasting business it is today.

Jose began his career in the Metal Roof industry 20 years ago. Over this time, he has seen many things evolve and change. Today’s technology has brought the industry to a new level. Now, G&G has the ability to fabricate its own metal and do all its own panels on site. Thus, making it much more precise, and more efficient than ever before.

Although Jose loves the metal industry he is deeply involved in commercial roofing for G&G Roofing. It was a learning experience, but with the proper teaching and teamwork, that too has become his favorite trade.

Jose cares about all of his jobs and the people he works with. For him, G&G Roofing is not just a job, but his life and his second family.