Karen GregoryKaren J. Gregory has a visionary ability to identify the potential in people and organizations, and turn that into action that creates far-reaching, transformational results.

Her gift and vision to motivate and inspire others to make workplaces better places is what led to her mission to launch HRSS Consulting Group in 2009. A thought leader and fresh voice in the business world, Gregory connects the dots between individual performance and organizational excellence. She challenges and teaches business professionals and organizations to clearly identify obstacles that are preventing them from transforming their status quo environments into thriving, high-performing workplaces.

As President of HRSS Consulting Group, LLC, Gregory has grown her company to include a team of experts in strategic planning, organizational assessments, leadership and employee development, and HR transformation, of which all, when established and leveraged successfully through insightful and engaging techniques, create high-performing organizations with positive results on their bottom line.

Contact Information:

HRSS Consulting Group, LLC

1970 Michigan Ave., Building D

Cocoa, FL 32922

(321) 427-7984