For Pinnacle Financial Wealth Management owner/founder Ken New, a large part of the planning process with his pre-retiree and retiree clients centers around the idea that their money — for which they have spent decades working — will now be put to work for them.

“It’s helping them adjust to the difference between the working world, where they’re going out and earning a paycheck, and now using that pot of gold — their savings — to provide the same level of income and sustained growth to keep them from running out of money in retirement,” New explained.

Pinnacle Financial Wealth Management uses a holistic planning approach to help clients envision their retirement, what they want to spend their time doing and what is going to be necessary for them to live a happy life.

“It’s figuring out what their retirement lifestyle looks like,” New explained. “Whether that’s traveling, charity work or sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair, our skill is tested by having those conversations to ferret out what they want from these years and how their investments can support that vision. And this changes over the years. The way retirement looks in the beginning is different than how it looks down the road, so it’s an ongoing conversation and relationship.”

Ken New

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