In today’s evolving media environment, solid content development is a must. Public relations professionals strategically produce and deliver this critical content in various forms: press releases, blogs, websites, and social media.

A former television reporter with a degree in journalism, Kimbra Hennessy has been a public relations specialist in Orlando for more than 25 years. Hennessy takes pride in working with clients to tell a story with attention-grabbing content that creates a connection with the desired audience. Whether targeting traditional or new media, Hennessy believes it in delivering high-quality, fresh content that is not overly self-promotional. Unlike advertising, public relations is more subtle, helping to build a brand, increase visibility and strengthen credibility.

Hennessy is a partner with Bitner/Hennessy Public Relations, located in College Park. She is a professional writer, publicist and communications strategist supervising client activities including special events, publicity and social media programs, and issues/crisis management.

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