Kristy Smith has had many mentors, though not necessarily in the traditional sense. For Smith, many family members and colleagues have played a part, big and small, in helping her advance in her career and reach her fullest potential.

Though her mother passed away when Smith was young, she credits her mother as a mentor, sharing that the loss forced her to see the fragility of life. In turn, this caused her to work harder than most. She also shared that her husband, Ray Smith, has always been a driving force, and that he and their children have inspired her to do and be better. She wants them to understand there are no limits to what they can achieve if they try hard enough.

For Kristy Smith, fostering a team environment in where every person is valued is of great importance. She talks highly of G & G’s, what she refers to as, “behind the scenes” team, which includes: the office staff who deal with customers and general contractors (GCs); and the people out in the field who work tirelessly in the heat, day after day, to ensure all customers and GCs are happy. “I have to admit, those guys [in the field] are my heroes,” said Smith.

As most of the team have been with G & G since the beginning, she thinks of her G & G team as family, and she does everything she does, not just for her immediate family, but for her work family as well. She is a hard worker, but most importantly, she is a dedicated leader who cares deeply about the people with whom she works; she finds joy in helping each member of her team see and reach their fullest potential.