L.H. Tanner Construction, one of the Space Coast’s up-and-coming contracting firms, provides one-stop shopping for clients wanting to build or remodel, in both the commercial or residential sector.

Lawrence Tanner’s (the “L” in L.H. Tanner) vision was to develop a team of craftsmen under one roof with a deep knowledge of the construction trades.  His family came from a long line of master carpenters and they, in turn, taught him the various trades of construction very early on.

That learning process continued, as Tanner sharpened his skill and knowledge base until he became a commercial contractor.  Since 1997, he has been the general manger of L.H. Tanner Construction.  When he married Holly in 2001 (the “H” in L.H. Tanner), she began working alongside him in 2004 and is president of the company today.  Together they built a construction company that continues to pursue and improve his initial vision.

Located in Melbourne, the Tanner team boasts clients such as Terminex, Performax Health Clubs, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Falcon Development, Southtrust Bank, City of Fellsmere, Brevard County, Department of Environmental Protection, Indian River County, Sea Ray Boats and more.  “We have served our clients’ construction needs in many key markets,” noted Lawrence.  “Some of these have included bank renovations, churches, parks, industrial buildings and medical offices as well as residential homes and additions.  Our capabilities are such that we have maintained a wide variety of clients and provided them with excellent services over the years.”

A Unique Approach

The Tanner structure of in-house experts allows them to perform the work with people they know and trust, when the project size and scope is fitting.  Even on larger projects, their in-house team is there to provide the oversight, which ensures everything meets or exceeds Tanner standards.  For example, “If we hire a framing subcontractor, we will have a member of our team, who is a master carpenter, coordinate and oversee the work of the framing subcontractor which ensures and enhances the overall value for our clients,” he observed.  “Our team allows us to integrate the construction processes more efficiently and provide solutions that are more economical without sacrificing time and quality.”

Holly Tanner openly addresses what sets them apart from the competition: “Our methods are streamlined and totally efficient in providing nearly all of the different operations that go into the construction process under one roof.”  Tanner maintains that this approach takes less time, wastes less time, and save clients money.

What is more, the company specializes in all phases of development to include site planning and development, both for commercial or residential projects.  The decade-old company’s niche is high quality new construction and renovations/restorations.

Adapting Without Changing Fundamentals

Because of their capabilities, they have been able to adapt to the changing economic conditions, in large part because of the diversity of services they provide.  In fact, throughout L.H. Tanner’s 13-year history, they have been successfully providing their services to a wide range of long-term clients.  “The one constant,” Lawrence Tanner emphasizes, “is that we make every effort to provide our clients with the smartest and most valuable solutions for their construction needs.”

A recent client attested to the L.H. Tanner experience by saying, “When you’re planning on hiring a construction team like L.H. Tanner Construction, you actually are getting a group of people who care about you, not only as another client, but as part of their family.”  The client goes on to say, “This means you will not have a sleepless night because of an unprepared construction company or have more gray hairs during the time of your construction.”

More Than Construction

Giving back to the community is also important to Tanner.  The company hosts a paid internship for a high school student from the Academies of Excellence programs to help students learn what is involved in running a construction company.

Tanner also assists Croton Elementary School in designing and implementing a traffic flow pattern for drop-off and pick-up for the school.

With clients choosing renovation and restoration, instead of new construction more than ever before, Tanner expands its sphere of expertise by being restoration experts.  For instance, the company has restored a singe family residence that was burned nearly to the ground.  One only needs to look at the dramatic transformation of someone’s disaster to see how the Tanner team put it back together.

As happy clients have said, the L.H. Tanner Construction experience is a family experience.