When asked how she likes her job as Vice President of Marketing, Lauri A. Duda, great-granddaughter of the founder of A. Duda & Sons and its subsidiary, The Viera Company, simply replied, “I love it.  Marketing has always been my passion and working at Duda and The Viera Company for the past 25 years has allowed me to work with some of the most interesting and talented individuals I know.  It also provides the flexibility to express my creativity and to help build a better community here in Viera.”

She continued, “I am fortunate to work with a very knowledgeable and supportive team of colleagues who believe in me, and I give credit to these people who have made my job and our companies so successful.”  Duda then added, “I am also very blessed to have a family that has always been so supportive of me.”

“My grandfather and father taught me how to be a leader in our business, but it was my mother that was always there for me.  And not only for me, but for my three sisters and her grandkids, two of which are my daughters.  As a working single mom, that was very important to me.”

Duda, who received her MBA in Marketing and Real Estate in 2005, is active as a participant in her community as well.  She currently serves on the board at Winter Park Memorial Hospital for women and children.  Also, as a member of the Rollins College Leadership Board for the U.S. Military, she has recently become involved with helping promote the STEM program, a K-12 program that encourages children to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in school.

“I truly believe in this educational program and am happy to support any project I feel will make a difference in today’s world.  I also believe that in my career and in my life, giving, loving and constantly learning will always be my ultimate goal.  Since no one promises us tomorrow, I think it is the duty of humans to understand the importance of giving more than taking.  This is the way I hope my family, friends and colleagues remember me,” Duda concluded.

COMPANIES: A. Duda & Sons; The Viera Company

TITLES: Corporate VP, Real Estate for A. Duda & Sons; VP, Marketing for The Viera Company

LOCATIONS: Oviedo and Viera, FL



WEBSITE: duda.com