Timeless Principles For Success

Do you find yourself in situations where results are not being produced as quickly as you’d like or the results you’re getting just aren’t good results at all? Of course you’ve been there! We all have. Are you blaming outside circumstances? Probably; we all tend to do that.

Instead of looking outward at the problems, we need to look inward for the solution. The solutions you seek are probably more cut and dry than you’d expect.

Law-harmony is obviously a word coined from two of my favorite words, Law and Harmony. The definition of Law is “principles established by some authority and applicable to its people.” The definition of Harmony is “agreement, accord, harmonious relations.” Law-harmony is simply living in harmony with existing laws – cooperating with the law to receive the maximum gain the law gives.

The Law I’m introducing is thousands of years old but very few understand the power it possesses and how to harness that power quickly for personal gain. This Law has several names you will recognize: the Law of Cause and Effect, the Harvest, Sowing and Reaping, Seed-Time-Harvest. For this article we will refer to it as The Law.

It Works, If You Work It

You need to understand this about The Law – it is precise, exact, does not deviate, always produces a result based on the cause and it works 100 percent of the time for everyone in all circumstances or situations. One other law that you need to understand is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation, which is simply this – your thoughts become things; the thoughts you hold in your mind will move your body into action and create results the thought caused.

Now let’s put Law-harmony into action in your business. You have a situation in your business that is creating a result that you don’t want or want to improve dramatically. Let’s say your sales are flat and you want to increase them by 50 percent in the next 6 months. You and your team set this goal and believe you will achieve it. You know your current efforts are producing flat sales; The Law is working to create flat sales. Your input (cause) is your current effort; the result (effect) is flat sales.

Here is the simple formula: Cause (input) + Time = Effect (result)

Moving Beyond Theory

Now, on to the application! We know the new goal; we know we have to change the input to get a better result. Now, focus all your attention on creating new input (e.g. thoughts, ideas, and actions) into the formula; do not focus on the results. You and your team must focus only on giving to the cause/input. Create action steps that each person on the team can and will commit to do on a daily basis.

Remember, The Law is exact and it is science. In time, it will produce a result all by itself; it does not need your help or attention in this area. The results give you feedback. The feedback you receive is a tool to measure the effectiveness of your input. Give it some time to work its way through the formula and produce a result. Slowly adjust the input as necessary to continue tweaking the results. Soon, applying these techniques will become habit that creates Law-harmony in your business and produce results you never thought you could achieve.

The #1 rule in applying Law-harmony in your business: You must focus your attention on giving to the input; not the results.

WARNING. Do not attempt to use The Law to get something; that is a violation of The Law and you will not achieve the results you want. You do not have to give any consideration to what you will get; with the correct input, The Law will produce the desired result because it has to, it has no choice, it is Law and Law never violates itself. Use Law-harmony to give and grow; the results will manifest quickly.

Rick McCotter is a corporate consultant. Contact Rick McCotter Consulting at rick@rickmccotterconsulting.com or call (321) 403-4119.