Attorney Laura Wisoker prides herself on spending time with her clients and explaining everything to them. “The experience of consulting with an attorney can be intimidating,” she said, “and I go out of my way to explain everything in detail without using a lot of confusing legal jargon.”

Wisoker’s practice focuses on wills, trusts, probate and estate planning. “I prefer the term legal planning rather than estate planning because most people don’t think of themselves as having an ‘estate.’”

She adds that everyone should have at least a will to simplify things for their heirs down the road and counsels her clients on whether establishing a revocable trust might be better for their circumstances.

Wisoker spent 15 years as a defense trial lawyer before turning her focus to wills, probate and legal planning. She is a tough advocate for her clients when necessary and is attentive to each of her client’s specific needs.

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