Kimberli Trader

Kimberli Trader

Pursuing a career in the legal field was an easy decision for Kimberli Trader—it runs in the family! Kimberli is a lifetime resident of Brevard County and a third-generation attorney at Trader Legal in Downtown Melbourne.

Deeply rooted in the heart of Brevard County, the firm was established over 60 years ago by Kimberli’s grandfather, Edward L. Trader, Sr. Trader originally established the firm with the intent to serve his community and Kimberli is eager to continue that tradition and make a difference here in Brevard.

Kimberli enjoys incorporating her family’s traditions into her everyday practice, while also adding her own modern twist. The walls of Kimberli’s office are lined with law books passed down from her grandfather— each with his bookmarks in the exact place he left them. This vintage touch is a daily reminder of family, tradition and the legacy Kimberli intends to carry on.

Over the past year, Kimberli has transformed the firm tremendously to adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Kimberli is constantly incorporating modern technology to run the firm more efficiently and to communicate with clients through all electronic mediums, including social media. In fact, Trader Legal can be found on all Social Media outlets (including Snapchat!).

Trader Legal is currently comprised of two attorneys, Kimberli and her father, Rudi Trader. Kimberli and Rudi are both lifetime residents of Brevard County and are privileged to help their neighbors with their legal needs. Like her father and grandfather, Kimberli has truly found her passion as an attorney and she is confident that her deep legal roots will leave a mark on the Space Coast for generations to come.

Main Practice Areas:

  • Family Law—Divorce, Separation, Adoption, Paternity, etc.
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Guardianship


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