VolkLaw Means Business

VolkLaw is a business and real estate law firm that has been serving Brevard County clients for over 22 years. At VolkLaw, results matter. Positive legal results most often occur when dealing with knowledgeable, experienced legal professionals who take clients’ problems to heart and care deeply about solving them. At VolkLaw, this dynamic exists with every single client.

David Volk: 30 years’ business litigation experience; participated in 85 trials and 850 hearings; worked from age 12 in his entrepreneurial family’s diverse businesses; has an accounting degree.

Michael Dujovne: 26 years’ real estate and litigation experience; Board Certified in Real Estate; former licensed real estate agent.

Nicholas Bykowsky: 31 years’ business and litigation experience; former Assistant Attorney General (Tax) and General Counsel for health care group.

Michael Sapourn (of counsel): 36 years’ insurance business experience and six years as an attorney; Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Risk Manager; testifies as an insurance expert.

Areas of Practice:
LAWSUITS – money, property, business operations and deals
BUSINESS – start up, survival and success strategies
REAL ESTATE – buyer, owner and lender guidance
EMPLOYER RIGHTS – labor and employment
GOVERNMENT – rules and compliance
INSURANCE – claim problems

The team at VolkLaw is here to help you. For more information, visit VolkLawOffices.com.