COMPANY: Lifestyle Homes / Shelter Mortgage
TITLE: CEO / Senior Vice President

Nothing cements a union quite like weathering a storm together, and the financial crisis of 2008 was one of the most formidable in recent memory for the housing industry. It was during this time that Natasha Cartagena Spencer of Shelter Mortgage and Jake Luhn, then CEO of LifeStyle Homes, founded a partnership that would help them navigate an unpredictable few years, and ultimately outlast the downturn.

“In 2008, when credit lines to private builders were lacking, LifeStyle Homes and Shelter Mortgage had established a rapport on several builder end loans, which eventually led to the discussion into Construction Permanent products,” Spencer said. “They were a solid builder and a community-focused, generational family business. Our values truly aligned. They were submitted for builder approval for the CP product and there began an amazing partnership.”

In the decade since, Jake’s brother, Jordan Luhn has taken the reins as CEO, continuing a family legacy that has served the Space Coast for over 34 years. Spencer described his comprehensive dedication: “Carrying on the family legacy includes not only a respect for the business, but of the culture it represents and the relationships that have built it. He’s very mindful and respectful of the legacy his dad, John Luhn, left behind, not only as one of the founders of LifeStyle Homes, but also because of the imprint he made on the Space Coast community via his stewardship and board service.”

Luhn and LifeStyle Homes believe their contribution to the community doesn’t just extend to the homes they build; it reaches beyond to an understanding of the real value of a home and an active presence in the community. In every aspect of their partnership, the two are perfectly in sync: “The Shelter team cares about the Space Coast as we do. It’s awesome to see our partner volunteering their time and/or sponsoring the same local events as LifeStyle Homes. And any time LifeStyle has called on our partners to assist with a volunteer project, Natasha and her team are always first to say ‘yes’,” Luhn explains, describing how this has only served to strengthen their partnership with Shelter Mortgage. “We share the same values in terms of customer respect and service, as well as an appreciation of the emotions that come along with building a new home … Together, we have helped over a thousand residents experience the joy of moving into their dream homes.” ◆