MELBOURNE, Florida – May 16, 2017 – Locus announced that the Australian Patent Office has issued a new patent for the company’s DiagnostX technology. The patent application 2012253596, entitled “Network Diagnostic System for Analyzing the Performance of a Radio Network During Functional Over-the-Air Operation” was issued on March 2017.

Specifically, the patent grants DNA (DiagnostX Network Anomaly) identification of unauthorized radio transmissions on land mobile radio (LMR) networks,
and maps the operating characteristics to a particular coverage area. This patent joins the portfolio of DiagnostX US Patents 8,565,096, 8,825,042 and 9,432,866.

Locus currently holds a number of patents granted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office with other patents pending.

“No other product on the market verifies and analyzes the alignment and field performance of the portable and mobile radios Over-the-Air in real time, all the time,”
said Joseph Rey, managing partner of Locus. “We are proud that Locus’s patented technology helps to ensure reliable communications for those public servants who serve and protect us.”

About Locus
Locus is an engineering and software development company located in Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida. It is a world leader in the area of RF capture for radio location and alignment analysis.
The ability to analyze the actual waveform of a transmission enables their DiagnostX system to determine the alignment characteristics of a radio, long range Over-the-Air (OTA), in real time.
The increasing market acceptance of Locus’s patented technologies is helping to ensure the optimal performance of land mobile radio (LMR) systems throughout the United States and Canada.
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