With strong people skills and an education and background in advertising, public relations and printing sales, Lori brings her know-how and expertise, to SCB Marketing as a Client Services Manager.


Once sitting on the other side of the fence while buying ad space in SpaceCoast Living, SpaceCoast Business and HEALTH for Dr. Scott Reader, a general dentist in Viera, Lori was sold on the idea that she one day wanted to work for SCB Marketing.


Lori goes above and beyond to service her clients by making herself an extension of their marketing department. She strategizes with each individual company to find out their needs. She is sincerely interested in what they are trying to accomplish, who they want to target as their audience, what their budget is, and how they can achieve their short and long-term goals. In addition, Lori takes pride in helping prospective and current clients with their networking efforts. She specializes in connecting people that may be able to help grow each other’s businesses.