The word “logistics” may seem a little vague to some. It can apply to almost anything, but in the case of Sorensen Moving & Storage, that word describes a very important and specific aspect of what they can do. When it comes to managing the logistics of a corporate move or the staging of a room, Sorensen’s unique services should be your first and only stop.

Whether it’s a 500-room hotel, upgrading or renovating its rooms with new furniture and décor, or setting up a clothing retailer for their next fashion season, Sorensen can handle it. The same storage and staging facilities that make them ideal for trade show planning can be utilized to stage and store a retailer’s display, or to arrange the assets for an entire hotel. They can then deliver and set up each room, floor by floor, with their signature precision service.

Years of experience transporting fragile and costly items for such displays guarantee the careful care taken with each item. They even have experience relocating

highly sensitive equipment all over the world, including laboratory, medical and computer equipment for a variety of customers. No matter the client, Sorensen is dedicated to secure and on-time services when it comes to the fragile and time-critical nature of these shipments.

About Sorensen Moving & Storage

Since 1956, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been working to set the bar for moving excellence and customer satisfaction. With services encompassing residential moving, corporate relocations, commercial services, storage, and logistics, Sorensen has become a go-to resource for both individuals and companies. Over the years, their dedication to comprehensive, reliable service has led to expansion, with their second location in Orlando opening in 2013.