Maria DockeryThe sign on Maria Dockery’s Femme Fatale ARMS states, “Guns and Accessories for Women,” and is catching the attention of both women and men who enter the Melbourne, Florida store.

Femme Fatale ARMS provides the knowledge, understanding and training to enable women to realize a higher degree of safety and security through the informed purchase and use of firearms. “I started this business to provide a long overdue and badly needed service to a segment of society that is under-served and often victimized. We are living in a changing world, and a world where it is becoming more and more necessary to be concerned with personal safety.” She offers ladies only and co-ed concealed carry license training, as well as a ladies shooting club to ensure her customers are not only properly equipped to defend themselves, but are confident and capable in their security as well.

Dockery is also helping women in other ways by reaching out to local women’s shelters and providing them with “Kuros!” pepper spray, a product that will not only help keep local women safe, but which, through partnership with Saber Red, will provide the same number of pepper sprays to women in need who could not otherwise afford it around the globe.

Contact Information:

Femme Fatale ARMS

4835 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32934

(321) 609-1342