EXECUTIVE: Jason Canlas, chief administrator


LOCATION: Melbourne

WEBSITE: MelbourneTerraceRehab.com



As a skilled nursing facility, Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center couples a resort-style atmosphere with healing and recovery.

The facility challenges the status quo with a question: How many times have you associated the thought of private-rooms, a café and bistro, a fully-wired media and library area outfitted with computers and a surround sound movie theater with a rehabilitation center?  These concepts are usually linked to upscale resorts.

But their clear focus is on the needs of the elderly and disabled.  One look inside the newly-built gym and aquatic center shows the devotion to seniors’ well-being. The facility continually acquires the latest evidenced-based programs and equipment that effectively achieves patient requested goals.

Their family atmosphere sparks hope, forges relationships, and brings an unparalleled level of rehabilitative services in the way that health care is meant to be.

Ultimately, Melbourne Terrace’s commitment is to fulfill patients’ desires and to nurture body, mind and spirit. Because being away from home is unsettling for patients, they bring an ambiance that sets the stage for health, progress and restoration.