Company: Health First Health Plans
Title: Commercial Sales Executive

Michelle Masline

Years in Brevard: 10 years.  I’m originally fromNorth Carolina and moved toWinter Park,FL in 1993; I moved over toBrevardCounty in 2003.

What I enjoy most about my job: I get to work with all kinds of people, different personalities, interests, backgrounds and careers.  Everyday is different. Sales is the perfect antidote for people like me that enjoy solving problems.  The challenge of identifying a need and then creating a solution is extremely rewarding.  Insurance can be very confusing.  When I can match a group with a plan that is right for them and that they feel good about, it is extremely gratifying for me.  Helping clients find the right fit and creating a solid long-term partnership is what sales is all about.  I love being part of the Health First team.  BrevardCounty is my home and I am proud that the organization is so committed to the health and wellness of our community.


Hobbies, Activities, & Volunteer Work:My hobbies include horseback riding, kayaking, travel, billiards, home improvement and reading.  My horse of 27 years is retired on my property, so there is always something to do around the barn.  Charitable work includes Space Coast Kibble Kitchen, The Women’sCenter ofBrevard, American Cancer Society, ReRun Thoroughbred Adoption and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Stephanie Boucher

Years in Brevard: We moved here fromOxford,MA when my father retired from the railroad in 1982; so I’ve been here for 30 years.

What I enjoy most about my job: This is an industry that is constantly changing – it’s not the same animal as what I was introduced to when I began my insurance career back in 1989.  I like that my job is always evolving.  I also find it rewarding to educate members in the best use of their benefits.  When a person has a medical issue to deal with I think it takes a little of the stress away if they understand how their benefits help protect them.  It’s gratifying to be able to unscramble the insurance jargon and help people relate to such a valuable financial tool.  I’m also very excited about HFHP’s recent expansion inIndian RiverCounty and look forward to growing our presence inVero Beach.  This is a virtually untouched market for us and I believe we have a wonderful opportunity to introduce area employers to our best in class service and delivery model.

Hobbies, activities and volunteer work: I’m an avid reader, a very inexperienced but enthusiastic writer, and I enjoy spending time outdoors with my daughter.  We like walking trails, canoeing and will be letterboxing again in 2013. (Letterboxing is sort of like geocaching without the GPS.)  I’m looking forward to helping my daughter find more regular volunteer work now that she’s about to turn 12 and we’re exploring opportunities that will be both rewarding and educational.