401K FLTitle:  401k FL President // RJFS Branch Manager

Company:  401k FL // Raymond James

Education:  Certified Portfolio Manager, Investments and Securities from Columbia University in the City of New York

International Diploma, Financial Planning & Services from FINSIA

Diploma in Engineering, University of Technology Sydney

Years in Area:  12

Years at Company:  3

Website:  www.401kFL.com

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Brevard transplant Mick Graham has been making waves in the financial advisory and retirement space for over two decades. Today he owns and operates a branch of Raymond James, which is dedicated to individual clients, and recently launched a business dedicated to managing company 401k plans, appropriately named 401k FL.

“Investing isn’t rocket science; it’s a process and a discipline,” is what Graham often says to clients, believing both the big investment firms and some financial advisors prefer to over-complicate investing for no other reason than to appear smarter than they really are. You will not hear him using financial jargon in his meetings, preferring to explain investing in language clients understand.

His team at Raymond James manages their own portfolios “in-house.” “By managing our own portfolios rather than sending money to a mutual fund or other product, we can explain to the client what they own, why they own it, and in good and bad markets what we’re doing about it,” he explained. “Most important, however, is the ability to provide fee transparency. Typically, a large portion of profits from investments are eaten up in fees; we exist to ensure clients keep more of their hard-earned money rather than pay it to the big brokers.”

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