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EXECUTIVE NAMES AND TITLES: Ruth Randall, CEO (not pictured); Marcella Randall, President; Marshall Randall, Administrative Director; Jake Schweich, Director of Business Development; Alexis Bass, Executive Assistant


LOCATION: Melbourne

WEBSITE: MoriahCorp.com


Moriah Corporation, part of the United Services family, is committed to making a positive impact on the community by helping its partners discover and achieve their full potential. “That’s the vision that drives everything we do,” said Ruth Randall, CEO. “We want partners, not customers. Customers are disposable. Partners have long term, mutually beneficial relationships.”

The team at Moriah works hard to earn their partners’ confidence and even harder to retain it. “We understand that by helping our partners be successful, we become successful,” said Marcella Randall, President. “It’s all about relationships. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people achieve their dreams.”

Since 1998, Moriah Corporation has provided custom, innovative solutions for their partners through services such as QuickBooks, websites and graphics, security solutions and more. “It’s not about selling products or services. Our partners trust us to deliver solutions that help them gain a competitive edge, work smarter, gain efficiencies, save time and save money. We are committed to that cause,” said Marshall Randall, Administrative Director.

Moriah Corporation’s partner base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to homeowners. It has provided effective solutions for government, military, commercial, healthcare, theme parks, churches and residential partners. Moriah is a family owned business built on a foundation of biblical principles. Their core values promote a culture that operates with integrity, respect and teamwork. Each team member is dedicated to the growth and success of their partners.