John’s great sense of humor and ability to put others at ease, coupled with his experience as a mayor (of Cape Canaveral), an entrepreneur (owner, Porter World Trade) and one who spends a lot of time campaigning for our area, makes everyone who knows him, admire him,” according to Tom Vani, Chairman of the Cocoa Beach Chamber.

Kim Agee agrees, “Bottom line, John is highly regarded in a number of circles from business to community to faith-based. He is a complete man with high standards who wakes up every day working toward a better community.”

Though a frequent visitor, John moved here in 1986 and dove into the community with unparalleled zeal. Part of that passion is centered on the future of clean energy. He said, “When the Shuttle started winding down, the EDC, Brevard Workforce and the various chambers got together to talk about our future. I gravitated towards energy.” He helped unite others to form The Space Coast Energy Consortium which recently secured over $1million in grant funding to further execute their plan.

In addition, he is serving his second term as the Chairman of the Board of Keep Brevard Beautiful and Keep Florida Beautiful.

John has stated in his own words: “It may be audacious, but I think clean, economical energy, that is available to everyone in the world, is an attainable goal. We just have to work together to attain it.”