It is almost a cliché that “everyone’s busy,” yet there are those rare individuals that make the time to serve their community. One stellar example is Wesley (Wes) Covell, Vice President of Strategy and Chief Growth Officer for Harris Corporation.

Somehow he also is deeply invested in our community with organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs. Gary W. Cain, president of the organization said, “Wes is a precious asset. Despite having a very demanding professional career, he brings optimism, generosity, kindness, compassion, organization and leadership to the people and the organizations he cares about.”

For someone with Wes’ resume, serving one organization would be admirable, but he is also deeply involved with United Way of Brevard. In his words, “Sherry (his wife) and I have supported the United Way for the majority of our professional careers, but I’ve become much more actively involved in the past few years, serving on the Campaign Cabinet for the past three years and serving on the Board of Directors since 2010.” He is also slated to be Campaign Chair in 2013.

Sheriff Jack Parker, who has worked with him in both organizations said, “When I join a team effort to help people and see Wes in the room, I know we are guaranteed a successful outcome.”

Dan Pearson, Executive VP and COO for Harris, summed it up with, “Harris culture is epitomized in Wes’ spirit of volunteerism; he is an inspiration to individuals throughout our corporation and the Brevard community.”