Nancy Peltonen’s career roots are planted in a marketing savvy she was able to nurture in her time as merchandise manager at Shoppers Drug Mart. It was there, after earning her degree, she worked her way to managing a $7 million Ontario store, learning the ins and outs of how businesses run and the importance of effective communication.

As president and CEO of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber, Peltonen’s tasks allow her to interact with the community while overseeing, organizing and attending events, as well as reviewing financial plans and decisions. With many responsibilities and a team to manage, she is inspired by seeing chamber members grow personally and professionally and knowing the chamber was able to assist with their growth.

In regards to the still-noticeable lack of women at the top in every industry and sector, she has always worked to bring awareness to the glass ceiling and continues to empower women with the knowledge that despite these obstacles they have every right to a seat at the table.

“My advice to the next generation of women entering the workforce is to seek positions of power,” she said. “Run for office, strive to be CEOs of corporations, start your own company so you have control over your own destiny. Reach out to find mentors to assist with navigating the workplace, become informed of the disparity and speak out, and find support from those who will support you in your development as you move along your journey in life.”


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