New partnerships launched by the Economic Development of Florida’s Space Coast increase access to manufacturing, technology development, and business development in Space Coast, FL.

One dozen high tech founders with prototypes will be selected to receive intensive technology support and work one-on-one with NASA Technology Docking Program experts. Companies will also be eligible to work alongside Fortune 500 business consultants, serial entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who offer free business support to finalists of the Groundswell Prototype Challenge.

Both programs are available at no cost to entrepreneurs. Full ownership of ideas and products are retained by all participants. The goal of this series is to stimulate the growth of high tech companies in Space Coast, FL.

Deadline to Apply: June 23 at midnight
Prototype Showcase: June 29, 5:30PM at Groundswell Startups
Application and registration

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Receive prototype challenge application support each Wednesday, 5:30PM at the Groundswell high tech startup incubator in Melbourne, FL. Ping pong tournament and happy hour included. Address: 2412 Irwin Street Melbourne, FL 32901.


The Moonshot Innovation Series: Prototype Edition is the first of several moonshot initiatives made possible by a new partnership between the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast and Groundswell Startups. The 8-week, free incubation program supports startups with a disruptive hardware or software product. Deadline to apply is June 23rd. Applicants must have an existing prototype of some kind. This opportunity is free and open to the public.

  • Work one-on-one with serial entrepreneurs, investors, and Fortune 500 consultants
  • Vet a financial model and target market with Groundswell’s mentor network.
  • Fine-tune your story and craft strategic messaging for your audience.
  • Complete a top notch pitch deck and executive summary that can be used to secure industry partners or investors.
  • Develop confidence in your story and pitch presentation as part of a September Prototype Challenge with other members of the cohort.
  • Win $2,000 in cash, take part in the Prototype Challenge this September.


Since 2015, NASA Technology Docking mentors have helped emerging companies take their tech developments to the next level as part of a strategic alliance with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. Dozens of companies have worked one-on-one with NASA specialists on prototyping development as part of this strategic alliance. 50 percent of the founders selected must offer technologies relevant to the space industry. This opportunity is free and open to the public.

  • Work with NASA subject matter experts who are equipped with the skills necessary to take your technology to the next level.
  • Vet your product viability and manufacturing method with NASA’s mentor network.
  • Receive exclusive access to NASA tools, resources, lab space and machinery (when applicable).
  • Join a community of founders who represent the next generation innovation in Space Coast, FL.
  • Apply for additional business mentorship at Groundswell Startups and apply to enter the Prototype Challenge. The challenge will award $2,000 in cash to the top presenting company.

For more information on the challenge, please email For more information on sponsor opportunities, please email

Groundswell Startups, Inc. is a privately funded, nonprofit incubator serving high tech founders in Space Coast, FL, a region that offers more engineering talent per capita than any other in the United States. Groundswell’s mission is to create a strong pipeline to capital, resources, and industry expert support for the benefit of high impact startup companies in Space Coast, FL.