For more than 50 years, Parrish Medical Center has been serving the Brevard County community. In that time it has been nationally recognized as one of the top hospitals not only in the region but also throughout the nation. Natalie Sellers has been a crucial part of Parrish’s leadership team and is responsible for everything from process improvement, human resources, organizational and workforce development to patient/community education, marketing communications and service excellence. As its vice president of communications, community and corporate services and a member of the executive management team, she plays an integral role in the development of the medical center’s strategic plan.

But what she loves about her job is “the opportunity to learn and grow, to be inspired by smart, talented, compassionate colleagues and to help make a difference in people’s lives every day. When I started my career in corporate communications more than 20 years ago, I didn’t expect the amazing opportunities that would be afforded me to participate in and contribute to the success of virtually every aspect of an organization.”

We all know that landing a great job is important, but it is our ability to grow with that job that defines us. Sellers explained the key to that growth: “First is to be a lifelong learner – get that bachelor’s, master’s, whatever, but don’t stop there. Learn from others — other people, other industries and other cultures. Secondly, do not allow yourself to be limited by fear or a lack of confidence and always do the right thing.”

Sellers has never had to look far for inspiration and motivation on her professional journey. “The patients and families we serve — their joy, hope, courage and strength — are an incredible source of inspiration. I am equally inspired by the 1,300+ care partners (employees, physicians and volunteers) whom I have the honor to work beside every day. Their passion and dedication to fulfilling our mission to provide ‘healing experiences for everyone all the time’is inspiring.”

But she adds that she has learned a great deal from her children, Aaron and Emily. “They taught me the meaning of not sweating the small stuff.” And not surprisingly, Parrish Medical Center President/CEO George Mikitarian – “The professional I am today has been cultivated by his mentorship. He taught me how to have the heart of a lion [to be courageous] and the skin of a rhino [to have thick skin]; to let your values guide you and always do the right thing; to focus on the mission as well as the people you rely on to fulfill that mission; and to never settle for anything less than excellence on behalf of the people we serve. As he likes to say, ‘Dream big. Believe passionately. Achieve admirably.’