321 Boat Club

Nate Bowerman


Nate Bowerman jumped on the opportunity to get out of the office, into the sun and join his family’s business after he graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He now runs Hayley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rentals and 321 Boat Club. 321 Boat Club is the largest rental fleet in Florida, and Nate is in the process of transitioning the company into a franchise. “Being a family business is great, because we work hard and push each other to focus on giving every single customer the ultimate experience. We will take pride in keeping that family atmosphere through our franchises so that everyone can experience fun, easy, affordable boating — Hayley’s way,” he said. In his spare time Nate loves to work out, drive the boats and spend time with his family watching movies and eating frozen yogurt.