(Brevard County, FL) August 28, 2019 — The Space Coast is widely regarded as being at a tipping point. With the resurgence of space, a burgeoning technology sector and vibrant tourism, what makes Brevard unique and attractive has never been more pronounced. For more than a decade SpaceCoast Living and SpaceCoast Business have been the leading voice of the live, work and play culture for all of Florida’s Space Coast, it is how people “Know Brevard.”

Joseph Duda

We are pleased to announce that as of this month, there is a new ownership team of these award-winning publications, whose leadership and commitment to this community are unparalleled, Joseph Duda and Eric Wright. Duda, the retired CEO and Chairman of A. Duda & Sons, was the visionary who helped turn a cattle ranch and sod farm into one of the most vital and innovative developments, not only in Brevard, but in the nation; namely the community of Viera. Eric Wright, who grew up in Cocoa Beach and spent over 25 years in the non-profit sector, is the son of a NASA engineer and has served as the long-time editor and publisher of Space Coast Business and launched i4 Business magazine.

Eric Wright

The outgoing CEO and former principal-owner Jeff Piersall experienced a health incident in 2017. Duda and Wright realized that for Piersall to continue in his current role could jeopardize his long-term health. Piersall is pursuing a number of ventures including mergers & acquisitions and marketing agency services for select clients.

“There was a pretty broad diversification that the company pursued over the last few years, but Eric and I want to focus all our attention on bringing the most informative and entertaining print and digital magazines to celebrate this dynamic community,” Duda said.

“Joseph and I are rooted and invested in the Space Coast.,” Wright said. “Joseph worked the ranch, that is now Viera, when he was growing up and moved here when they launched the development. I have lived here my entire life. We have been a part of this county’s ups and downs and like the Slovak word the Duda family selected for their community ‘Viera,’ which means ‘faith,’ we share a vibrant faith in the future of the Space Coast.”

“The outlook of the Space Coast is so dynamic and so bright, I am excited to be able to continue building these incredible platforms, which showcase the place Brevard has, not only in Florida, but in the world,” Duda commented.

“We are determined to make these magazines the community centric publications they have been and to focus our content on all the people, the destinations, the organizations and the businesses that make Brevard such an incredible place,” Wright said.