Nick Farinella and the “Community Services” division of The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office encourage local homeowners to have a free and confidential Home Security Survey.

Local REALTOR®, Nick Farinella, is proud to own a Gold Star Certified Safe Business; Century 21 Camelot Realty, Inc. displays the earned designation decal in its window demonstrating this business owner’s strong commitment to a safer Brevard. Officer Pam Conner and Corporal Officer Pam Hibbs recently provided the Gold Star Certification after performing an analyses and evaluation of safety measures in place for the Suntree located real estate firm.

“Staying informed of what business and property owners can do to improve safety practices in and around our own surroundings is a collective responsibility.” stated Nick “When I learned about the opportunity to gain real time solutions for strengthened security, I knew it was absolutely a program I wanted to participate in.” Indeed, Mr. Farinella did just that by having a survey performed for his workplace. Recognizing the benefits of this program, he will incorporate informational guides about the available ‘Home Security Surveys’ for his clients and new property owners. Nick Farinella projected the ideal that the “eye-opening insight from the professionally trained authorities has the ability to elevate vigilance, encourage action, and make the county we call home, a safer home.”

Advisory in nature, Home Security Surveys are intended to provide recommendations for future security measures that when implemented may deter criminal activity. Offered at no cost and confidential, Home Security Surveys are conducted by the “Crime Prevention Unit” via the “Community Services” Division of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Other ‘Preventative Security Education’ services are available through the Sheriff’s office as well. For more information contact Brevard