Exhibit at Melbourne International Airport

Artist Dennis Horton displays his hand painted functional works of art through the Brevard Cultural Alliance Exhibit Program. The artwork is on exhibit in the Atrium of Melbourne International Airport from January 25 – May 25, 2012 and can be viewed during regular business hours.

Horton has had a very colorful life which is reflected in his vibrant colors which adorn the antique furniture he has collected over the years. He has had a passion for art for a long as he can remember. In high school he was awarded a scholarship to advance his art education but opted to join the military. Thus began a long and challenging career in the field of intelligence, where he was a special agent for the U.S. Treasury Department. His attention to detail which was necessary in his career is reflected in his art.

After a number of serious illnesses his passion for art became a life saver. Horton and his wife moved to Vero Beach where he maintains a home studio. He finds comfort in creating artwork as a way to recover. With an impulse to brighten his surroundings, he began painting his collection of antique furniture. Before a brush stroke touches the wood, Horton will examine the piece to be sure it is flawless. He will disassemble if necessary to prepare the perfect canvas. Working in acrylics he has a vibrant tropical flair that inspires cheerfulness and energy, with a sense of elegance. The “Fun-iture” trademark he adopted is bound to attract all ages. Attention to detail is characteristic of his upholstery work, painting techniques and finish coat, which provides a surface for easy maintenance without affecting the art. You will find his designs inside the drawers and cabinets, and even under the tables.

The concept of “functional art” is well illustrated with this collection. Horton refers to his artwork as a “Hymn to Life” and hopes that his viewers will enjoy the style and elegance of his creations.

Horton will refurbish and create an art piece on commission that will withstand the test of time, with your most cherished furniture. Contact Dennis Horton (772)388-0054 or ddhortonsr@oddityhouse.com.