Route 1 Motorsports Unlimited

Kellie Wright & Willy Carmine

Route 1 Motorsports Unlimited Inc.

The two business partners met seven years ago when both were independently exploring the idea of starting a company.  With a shared enthusiasm for Powersports, the two opened Route 1 Motorsports in Grant, FL in June 2007.  The company sells and services sport boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, Spyders, ATVs and side-by-sides, in addition to maintaining an excellent parts and service department.


Did you grow up in the area?

I [Kellie] grew up in Michigan in a small town called Vicksburg.  Willy was born and raised in Florida and attended Palm Bay High School.


What inspired you to go into this field? 

When I [Kellie] moved to Brevard County, I started looking for different options in starting my own company.  Willy was working for Bombardier Recreational Products at the time.  He had been with the company for 12 years and was also ready to take a step forward.


How did you get started? 

We were excited about the opportunity to work with what we loved – Powersports.  We pushed forward even though the economy was already beginning to stagnate.


What is the biggest misconception about what you do?

One is that we are just a watercraft/jet ski dealer.  We do so much more: motorcycles, Can-Am Spyders, ATVs, boats, etc.  We are very diverse.


What do you enjoy the most? 

We sell FUN!  Introducing new sport enthusiasts to our products is always fun.  It is so cool to watch people walk out with a smile on their face after purchasing a new “toy.”  Our customers are super people.  A lot of the time, Willy and I end up meeting them out on an island on the weekend, or we meet up and go for a ride on our motorcycles.


What’s the biggest challenge?

Like many family-owned businesses that find themselves facing competition from large franchises, Route 1 Motorsports strives to maintain the best sales force and customer service in the area.  As a result, even during these hard economic times, our business continues to grow.