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Cocoa Expo Sports Center
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Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center

Business, Development

The Best Is Yet to Come Renewing Cocoa Expo Sports Center by Eric Wright   A rebirth is taking place on the Space Coast, which will bring thousands of visitors every year, generate millions of dollars in tourist revenue and…

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Hearing the Whisper of Tradition

Business, Leadership

Don’t Miss the Treasure Hidden In the Season by Eric Wright Our modern culture often criticizes traditions, especially when the meaning or purpose behind the tradition gets lost.  Once a new rabbi came to a synagogue where the people were…

SpaceCoast Business - Contents, November 2012
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Contents – Dec 2012


SpaceCoast Business DECEMBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 9   FEATURES   Business Leader of the Year: The EDC of Florida’s Space Coast Leads the 2012 Honorees Finance: Bill Taylor, Community Bank of the South Marketing: Charley Richards, Absolutely…

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Gee, Thanks!

Business, Leadership

From Thanksgiving to ‘Thanks-living’ by Eric Wright   Rudyard Kipling, author of Captains Courageous and The Jungle Book, was not only famous, but was quite wealthy.  A newspaper reporter once approached him and said, “Mr. Kipling, I read that the…

SpaceCoast Business - Contents, November 2012
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Contents – Nov 2012


SpaceCoast Business NOVEMBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 8   FEATURES   Plastics Take on New Form and Function Innovative Technologies and Processes Push LRM Industries to Manufacturing Forefront   Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership Helping Manufacturers Thrive, Not Just…

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Is There an MBA in Your Future?

Business, Development

Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think by Eric Wright   In most career tracks – whether someone is an engineer, a CPA, an educator, or in sales and marketing – they face…

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Contents – Oct 2012


SpaceCoast Business OCTOBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 7   FEATURES   A Passion for Education Jim Richey Envisions a New Era for BCC   Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think…