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Junior Achievement of Space Coast

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Sage Advice

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Today’s Young Professionals Still Have a Lot to Learn They’re better educated, more technologically gifted, and have a firmer grasp on the realities of life at an earlier age than perhaps their Baby Boomer contemporaries had at comparable points in…

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Sheriff Jack Parker

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Helping Create a Quality Community What’s not to admire about Sheriff Jack Parker?  He has an infectious enthusiasm about the community, loves his job and co-workers and enjoys the great outdoors with his family.  He has the kind of outlook…

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It’s Time for Reformation in Education

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Guiding and Measuring our Most Valuable Resource “A capacity for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.  It is the key to the already solved problems.  And it gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing…

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Safeguarding Ideas and Creativity

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Intellectual Property Specialists Zies, Widerman & Malek Walking into a law office can be rather intimidating.  The environment feels stuffy and that smell in the air … is it the scent of the vapor trail of billable hours from the…

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YP Profile: David Coalter

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Coalter Digital LLC Age: 34 Profession: CEO /Animation and Film Director David Coalter is animation and film Director for Coalter Digital LLC, a studio that creates high impact film and animation projects for defense contractors and engineering firms. He has…

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Gone, But Not Forgotten

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The Legacy of Coach John Wooden The greatest opportunity for all young professionals can be found in the lessons of Coach John Wooden, who recently passed away at the age of 99. “He was bigger than just our school, he…