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Contents – Oct 2012


SpaceCoast Business OCTOBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 7   FEATURES   A Passion for Education Jim Richey Envisions a New Era for BCC   Is There an MBA in Your Future? It May Be Closer than You Think…

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The Secret Life of Bees

Business, Leadership

VALUES   The Secret Life of Bees Learning the Dance of Cooperation by Eric Wright   Being in the magazine trade, I tend to peruse every publication I come across for graphic quality, editorial content, even feel and texture.  Then…

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Contents – Sep 2012


SpaceCoast Business SEPTEMBER 2012 ● VOLUME 7 ● NUMBER 6 FEATURES Mike Williams Entrepreneur of the Year   Tom Wienckoski Things Keep Coming Up Roses   John Walden Visualizing Success   Charley Richards Keeping It ‘Absolutely Natural’   Larry Ciaccia…

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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You Don’t Create an Edge


Creativity Is the Edge Next to courage, the most essential ingredient in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit has to be creativity. We have a myriad of terms for it – innovation, originality, ingenuity, thinking outside of the box, etc. – but…

Larry Ciaccia of AuthenTec
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Larry Ciaccia


CEO Larry Ciaccia described their growth, “Today’s AuthenTec is very different from the AuthenTec that was founded in 1998, but we’re still centered around providing strong but convenient security for mobile and networking markets.

You Don't Create an Edge by Eric Wright
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Caught In the Current


Wisdom Isn’t Always Knowing Why At times, circumstances strike you like an earthquake, followed by a tsunami. It can be an illness, a job loss, a market reversal, or a divorce. These anomalies respect neither age, nor intelligence or position….

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Friends, the Salt of Life


Why They Make It All Worthwhile by Eric Wright Howard Hughes was one of the most interesting and financially successful men of his generation.  At 19, he won a legal battle to control the estate left to him by his…