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Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam CPAs and Associates
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Uncommon Bottom Line: Berman Hopkins

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For Berman Hopkins, Charity and Community is Just as Big For the past 60 years, Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam CPAs and Associates has established a reputation of as one of the largest independently owned CPA firms in Central Florida. With...
Destination: Mars
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Destination: Mars


Public and private entities join forces to re-invigorate space travel. When SpaceX launched its new Falcon Heavy rocket into solar orbit in February carrying a red Tesla Roadster car with a mannequin named Starman behind the wheel, the mission touched…

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Jane T. Bishop | Northrop Grumman


“I would encourage college students to seek out an internship. In a discipline like engineering, academia is different from its real world application.” When a son or daughter moves into their parent’s profession, especially law, medicine or a family business,…

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Bridging Innovation and Industry There are two sides to technology: ideation and implementation. Eliminating the hurdles between bold ideas and real-world solutions is the goal of BRIDG — Bridging the Innovation Development Gap — and the opening of the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research…

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September 2017


Spacecoast Business is synonymous with business success in Brevard County.  Each monthly issue focuses on a specific topic relevant to the local business community, such as emerging technology, environment/green business, workforce development and economic outlook.  In addition, local business leaders…

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Boomers, Move Over

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Gen X and Gen Y are Ready to Step Up and Lead For decades, businesses, economists, politicians, scholars and futurists have observed the 78 million Americans that comprise the Baby Boom generation – those individuals born between 1946 and 1964 –…

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SCB 100 The Most Admired Businesspeople

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That is how the dictionary defines “admire,” though Ambrose Bierce once defined it as, “Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.” What we admire in others is certainly what we hope and yearn to see in the mirror and…