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SCB 100 The Most Admired Businesspeople

Business, Profiles

That is how the dictionary defines “admire,” though Ambrose Bierce once defined it as, “Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.” What we admire in others is certainly what we hope and yearn to see in the mirror and…

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Teflon Hearts and Velcro Values

Business, Leadership

What to Remember and What to Forget One of the keys to living the life we dream of is not allowing certain things to stick to our hearts and minds, while at the same time not jettisoning what has true…

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BPS Superintendent Hits the Ground Running

Business, Development

Binggeli Receives Good Grades on First Annual Report Card They have been described as “pretty big shoes” that Brian Binggeli, Ed.D stepped into in July of 2009.  That is when he took over as Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools (BPS)…

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The Odd Couple

Business, Leadership

How Josh and Jeff Make It Work If you didn’t see the movie based on Neil Simon’s play “The Odd Couple” about the fastidious neat-freak Felix Unger and the slovenly sports writer Oscar Madison, perhaps you saw the TV sitcom. …

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Save Your Head

Business, Leadership

Learning to Lead Your Mind It was the largest and most frightening masterpiece of engineering of its time and was intended to change the balance of power in the Atlantic.  In 1941, Germany’s battleship Bismarck was over 25 percent larger…

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100 Most Powerful People on the Space Coast

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What makes a powerful person, powerful?  Many agree with the timeless 17th Century maxim, “Knowledge is power.”  But someone else observed, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that makes the difference,” and certainly power is often defined…

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Finding Your Target in 2010

Business, Leadership

Goal Setting is the First Step toward Success What will 2010 bring?  Will you determine your success or will distractions – e.g. the economy, competition, healthcare, Afghanistan, or life in general – determine your destination?  You are either driving toward…