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Florida Institute of Technology

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It All Adds Up

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Celebrating the Steady Drip of New Jobs A leaky hose can teach us a lot about economic development. Last weekend, I was outside cleaning off the patio, watering my plants and doing a host of other chores.   I left the…

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Creating an Engaged Workplace

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Measuring and Engaging Employees at Work by Stephen Young and Matthew Pita If you’ve spent any time at work over the past five years you have undoubtedly heard of “employee engagement.”  From our work with organizations, it seems that everyone…

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Back to School

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Sometimes, Life Gets in the Way Most don’t consider it “starting over,” rather it is like a halftime in the game of life, where a new game plan can be drafted and initiated.  It’s an opportunity to reexamine goals and…

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Women In Power

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PNC Financial Services Group Inc. created the Women In Power luncheon series with the intent of raising awareness for community organizations that support the development and empowerment of women.  PNC selects and partners with local community organizations that share this…

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Leaders with Ethics

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Florida Tech and Harris Partner for 11th Annual Conference Do business leaders stop to consider the effects of their decisions on others?  This is the question administrators and professors at Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business had when…

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2010 Business Leader’s of the Year

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Mayor Harry Goode City of Melbourne “The airport has positioned itself well as a major employer, transportation hub and economic development engine for Melbourne and the Space Coast … we are very proud of that.” The Honorable Harry C. Goode,…