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Think You Know Manufacturing? Think Again


See manufacturing through new eyes. By Lynda Weatherman Many of us paint a picture of what manufacturing looks like – loud machines, dirty hands, and low wages. However, this picture is far from reality. Replace loud machines with the newest…

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Growing A Global Reputation


Motive Learning’s Software is Training the Aerospace Industry By Geo A. Ropert, APR When companies must train – and prove – their workforce is qualified to perform roles critical to operational or mission success, they rely on Motive Learning. Companies…

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The Coolest Job in the World


“We launch missiles like the Delta IV Heavy, which has a thrust equivalent to nearly eight Boeing 747’s strapped together. What kid doesn’t dream of growing up and doing that?” – Brig. Gen. Wayne R. Monteith Wayne Monteith, Commander of…

Destination: Mars
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Destination: Mars


Public and private entities join forces to re-invigorate space travel. When SpaceX launched its new Falcon Heavy rocket into solar orbit in February carrying a red Tesla Roadster car with a mannequin named Starman behind the wheel, the mission touched…