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Green Building and Sustainable Design

Best Practice

What You Need to Know When considering “going green,” it is important to have a clear understanding of what green actually means and the long-term benefits implementing green provides. Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers…

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The Call to Go Beyond


The Space Coast has shaped the world and continues to shape the future, not only by the payloads being carried into space, but by a community with a business environment launching people, products and ideas around the world. Even one of Brevard’s most lucrative tourist attractors, Port Canaveral, is about moving people to other places.

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Branching Out, and Up

Construction, Featured

For more than 30 years, RUSH Construction has established a stellar reputation in Central Florida as a trusted general contractor, design/builder, and construction manager for the aerospace, defense, commercial and medical industry sectors.

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“Look Ma, No Hands!” The Age of Autonomous Vehicles


Imagine a world in which you can get into your car, enter a destination and sit back and relax, letting the vehicle do all the work. No more worrying about how badly other people drive, whether or not you are too tired to get behind the wheel or the horrendous Central Florida traffic.

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Parrish Medical Center Recognized for Stroke Treatment Excellence

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Premier healthcare accrediting body awards PMC stroke care Gold Seal for care quality TITUSVILLE, FL (December 6, 2017)—Parrish Medical Center’s recertification as a Primary Stroke Center extends its first-in-Brevard County achievement for area patients endangered by stroke’s potentially debilitating effects….

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William Chivers | Rush Construction

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The founder of RUSH Construction once referred to his company as a “30-year-old startup.” Much of that vibrancy and innovation can be credited to the company’s president, William Chivers, though he would be the first to deflect it to his team. Founded in 1984, RUSH worked almost exclusively on government and government-related contracts for the first decade of its existence, but due to the cyclical nature of the space industry, Chivers has helped move the company towards a more diverse track.

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Your Options for Options

Best Practice, Financial

Taking the time to understand exactly what stock options are available to you through your company can make a world of difference in your financial journey, especially with the guidance of a knowledgeable WealthCoach.