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Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars

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Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. Dogs only chase moving objects. Drawing from a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences and relationships with some of today’s most dynamic business leaders, Jeff Piersall and Eric Wright have identified ten core principles that are…

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A Legacy of Engineering


Luke Miorelli and MEC By: Eric Wright The Space Coast is a region where the dreams of science fiction writers and scientific theorists have become realities. But as the Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Michener once observed, “Scientists dream about doing…

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Ethical Capitalism

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Thankfully, most businesses do not follow the stereotypical image of Ebenezer Scrooge, the man who refused to give to children’s charities and only reluctantly gave his one loyal employee the day off for Christmas. Take Harvey Massey, CEO of Massey…

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Helping Turn Financial Planning Right Side Up

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Jeff Small, Arbor Financial by: Eric Wright For many people, when it comes to investing, they feel a little like the vast majority of Floridians felt watching the predicted tracks of Hurricane Irma. People were preparing to leave, preparing to…

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It is Time to Celebrate

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By: Eric Wright  Though Mark Twain once said, “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable,” there are some remarkable statistics we need to know about, particularly in regards to Florida. We are enjoying an unemployment rate of 4.1…

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Staggering Impact

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By: Eric Wright The Space Coast has both aggressively and successfully diversified its economy in a way that is the envy of other areas in the state. Along with our burgeoning private technology and manufacturing sector, tourism is still one…

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Experience, Resilience, & Trust


Welsh Construction By: Eric Wright They say, “experience is the best teacher,” though some have challenged this maxim and suggest instead that “the experience of others is the best teacher.” Both are, in fact, correct and when it comes to finding…