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United Way Partners with Business Through Workplace Campaigns


No matter what role you have in the life of someone important to you, whether it be the title of parent, boss, or friend, the ultimate goal is to see them reach their greatest potential in all aspects of life – a potential they may not even be able to see in themselves.

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Batson-Cook: The New Kid on the Block


With 100 Years of Experience Though most in Orlando’s urban core are familiar with SkyHouse, one of the premier downtown residential high-rises that is part of the Orlando skyline, few know the company that built the 23-story building in 2013….

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W&J Construction Celebrates 50 Years

Construction, Profiles

Building What Makes Brevard Great It is as large as the Smithsonian’s National  Air and Space Museum, and it shouldn’t be surprising that W&J Construction was chosen to build the $38 million, 100,000-sq.ft. Apollo/Saturn V Center at Kennedy Space Center. The…

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Michelle Pawling


Michelle Pawling began her career in the financial services industry with a small employee leasing firm.

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Orlando International Airport Set to Expand


Orlando International Airport has always been one of the region’s most important transportation hubs, but over the next 10 years, thanks to a pair of extensive expansion projects, it is moving to a whole different level.

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Marketing Professionals, Profiles

Lorri Shaban and Kim Isemann are the driving force behind the growth, innovation and success of Orlando-based marketing and communications firm TWsquared. They met when Isemann hired Shaban and her firm to launch LEGOLAND® Florida. Following the launch’s record-smashing success,…