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The High Cost of Doing Nothing


It’s a Lot More Than Spare Change By Eric Wright Years ago, Lee Feldman, the former city manager in Palm Bay and now Ft. Lauderdale, and I had become good friends – not just professional colleagues. I had been asked…

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Got Innovation?


Try the Flip Side of Failure By Eric Wright Innovation has become the modern world’s Holy Grail. The term’s use is almost as common as “new and improved,” which is what its English root means, “to introduce as new,” taken…

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Lessons from the Land


Agrarian Wisdom for a Digital Age By Eric Wright Unlike my wife who grew up on a family farm in Minnesota, the lessons I gleaned from agriculture (pardon the pun) were discovered primarily in Sunday school. There, most of the…

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Water At Risk


Leaders Thirsty for Answers to Impending Statewide Shortage By Eric Wright “The Quiet Industry” is how Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam refers to the state’s agribusiness. But as Florida moves past New York to become the third most populous state in…

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The Cost of Collaboration


Taking the Risk to Achieve the Extraordinary By Eric Wright There is one key ingredient in all monumental undertakings – the willingness to take risks. As John Paul Jones said, “It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and…

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Thinking Regionally

Development, Leadership, Talent Pipeline

How Visionary Realism is Uniting Central Florida By Eric Wright John W. Gardner, one of the sage voices of “The Greatest Generation,” said, “We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” Turning challenges…

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The Boys of Summer


Lessons of the Game By Eric Wright I love spring and summer. Growing up in Cocoa Beach, spring was when we were able to shed the cumbersome wetsuits we used to brave the winter surf and don our “baggies,” as we…

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Contents – November 2013


FEATURES  Health Care Reform – “Don’t Go it Alone” Health First & Florida Hospital Partnership Harris Healthcare Solutions Streamlines Medical Record Sharing The New Direction in Health Care SPECIAL SECTION:  Financial Professionals  BUSINESS PROFILE Joe Delaney Carol Hendricksen BEST PRACTICES…

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Creating a Culture of Candor


The Genius of “Houston, We Have A Problem” When I first met my wife, one of the things that attracted me to her, aside from the fact that she was drop-dead gorgeous, was the transparent nature of our relationship, the…

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Contents – September 2013


SpaceCoast Business September 2013 ● VOLUME 8  ● NUMBER 6     FEATURES Scott Sorensen – Entrepreneur of the Year Koru Swimwear Motive Learning Age is Just a Number Grom Social The Engine of Entrepreneurialism   BUSINESS PROFILE Maggie Connelly…