Pam Gatto

“We’re not in the tire business,” says Pam Gatto, president of Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service, ”We’re in the business of making cars safe. That’s something my Dad taught me.”

 In 1971 Pam’s father, Mike Gatto started what would become Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service. In 1973, Pam stepped in when her father asked her to help him for 2 weeks until he could hire someone. Pam ended up being the one he hired and ‘2 weeks’ turned into a career. Pam has been company President since 1994. Gatto’s is truly a family business, and Pam works with her sons Mike McHenry, Scott McHenry and son-in-law Mike Nevin.

 “Remember that your success is tied directly to the health and well-being of your people, your industry and your community. The harder you work to benefit all these, the more successful you’ll be,” she said.

 Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service has locations in Merritt Island, Viera/Suntree, the Lake Washington area, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa and a commercial tire and service center in Cocoa.

Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service
15 West Hibiscus Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901
p: 321.727.3322