When it comes to the capacity the free market has to develop ideas that can transform our world, I am a certifiable optimist. In last month’s magazine we did a feature on Amy Yoder, the CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients, which has raised more than $100 million in private funding to build a state-of-the-art facility in Zellwood. When fully operational, the company will be able to take 200 tons of primarily agricultural waste a day that is headed for landfills and turn it into 200 tons of environmentally friendly fertilizer. The potential its growing portfolio of products has globally is astounding.

This is of course just one example. Another key element of a sustainable future is solving the Rubik’s Cube of mass transit. The problem that has plagued us historically is the costs of these systems are astronomical. However, who foresaw that driverless cars, which could be used on existing road infrastructure with much greater safety and efficiency, would be a part of our near future? Who foresaw that one of the primary test facilities for this revolutionary new technology would be right here in Central Florida?

In this month’s magazine, we cover some of the new developments and trends in making a brighter, more sustainable future. Unlike other areas we cover, this is not only something that impacts every one of us, it is something each of us individually can have an impact on. ◆