There is an old cliché that, “A picture speaks 1,000 words.” Even before he was teen, and before everyone could take pictures on their cell phones, Duncan Moore of 142 Productions always had a camera with him. He grasped the power photography had to capture a moment and tell a story, but soon realized that video could take that power to another level. “I heard someone say, ‘What is better than a picture?’ Why, 20 pictures per second,” Duncan said.

There is nothing new about the compelling value of a well-produced video. Since the 1950’s and ’60s, when television became a fixture in every American home, video has been there to entertain, educate and engender sales. What is different today is the cost of video production is a fraction of what it was 30 years ago. In addition, the internet provides platforms for delivering video content that multiply daily.

However, like the difference between the kind of photos that don the covers of magazines and your typical selfie, effective videos require the right combination of technology and creative thought. “We have a process that goes into every video we produce,” said Jessica Moore, Duncan’s wife and business partner. “We want to differentiate each client, to effectively tell the client’s ‘why’ to their particular target audience.”

From passion to business
Jessica and Duncan met in film school, though both grew up here on the Space Coast. “In school we shot on 16mm and 32mm film,” Duncan said. “When you do that, you have to carefully script and plan every shot and every scene.” That commitment to both the craft and the process is something that they are able to bring to clients and their audiences; audiences which are becoming more and more demanding and discriminating about the video content that will hold their attention for 60 seconds.

Their name, 142 Productions, comes from the tale of Christopher McCandless’ journey into the Alaskan wilderness, told in the book and film, Into the Wild. The abandoned “Magic Bus,” where McCandless found refuge, was number 142. “We were inspired by the story and actually spent two years traveling around the country before we started our company,” Jessica shared. “In retrospect, ‘3-2-1 Productions’ may have been better in this area,” Duncan added. But, 142 certainly gives the opportunity to share an interesting story.
Good video content, like all compelling content, educates, demonstrates, performs and entertains. They call it the EDPI model and 142 uses that strategy in all its videos. “This approach builds trust between the company and the viewer, providing value to which people are drawn. That is that nugget that sticks in people’s mind,” Duncan said.

On the business side
Because Jessica and Duncan Moore trained to produce great videos, running the business side of 142 has been an admitted challenge. “We were so focused on our craft, that P&L’s and business projections were not familiar territory for us,” Jessica shared. Together, the Moores reached out to the Palm Bay Chamber for advice and mentoring. “It was hard at first to ask for help, but the Chamber really stepped up,” Duncan said.

Another source of training they connected to was weVENTURE at FIT. Their Ignite 360 program paired them with a team who served as a board of directors, both encouraging and challenging the directions, decisions and assumptions the Moores were making; it provided a group of mentors.

“We had to learn to sell ourselves, which I wasn’t comfortable doing” said Duncan. “But people want to buy from a person, not a company. So, we learned to network and build relationships.” Another aspect of that transition was moving from being a video company, to a company that helps people market themselves through video. “We begin by asking a lot of questions to find their why, their competitive edge,” Jessica said.

It has been a successful formula upon which 142 Productions is continuing to build.

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