The Case for Print in Your Campaign

Despite drastic changes in the past century in the way we receive, distribute, and process information, print has remained a powerful tool for communication, capable of reaching out to audiences in unique, effective ways. It clearly can’t be any coincidence that it has remained this way, and research in neuroscience and psychology provide plenty of explanations for the power of print.

Studies have shown that print not only lends itself to higher comprehension and recall, it stimulates emotions and desires in readers, appealing to both the head and the heart. It also stands out among other mediums. Readers consume so much information everyday digitally; the difference that print brings has become powerful. Holding a physical copy of a newspaper or magazine means the reader is less likely to be distracted by things that divert their attention when using a computer or tablet, with notifications invading their screen and their concentration.

Of course, there is also the credibility that print brings with it. People often associate these publications with trustworthiness; the material on these pages has been selected, edited, and curated. While digital might be immediate, most are aware that the internet allows anyone – expert or novice—to write anything. Through print you have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience, positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Crafting a message, presenting it through a tangible medium, and placing it in front of a specific audience is an undeniably powerful marketing strategy.

Maximizing the Value of Print

Print has remained a powerful tool for sharing messages, even in our rapidly changing world. Its benefits have stood the test of time, and can now be used to amplify the impact of a message shared through other mediums. When designing your marketing strategy, print is essential.

This does not always mean doing so through traditional formats or messages, however. Combining a time honored and proven method of advertising with new ideas like content marketing, social media, and inbound campaigns opens the door to countless possibilities for your marketing strategy. Publishing informative editorials or profiles in a magazine can convey to your audience not only what you can do for them, but create a sense of value and loyalty. Creative advertisements and designs help you stand out even more, while adding calls to action directing traffic to social media channels or websites creates opportunities for engagement. Even the way you present these pieces can have an impact. Think about packaging your content in eye-catching ways like gatefolds, bellybands, or poly-bags.

For centuries, print has provided opportunities to educate, entertain, and enrich our lives. The new trends in marketing, whether in strategies or platforms, do not signal the end of the possibilities and impacts offered by print, but opportunities to expand them.