Scott Brazdo (left) and Steve Buck (right) are the founders of Black Tie Digital Marketing


Executives: Scott Brazdo, CEO and Steve Buck, President


Black Tie Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency providing website design, blogging, social media, logo design, search engine optimization, web advertising, video production, and graphic design – in essence a one-stop-shop, doing the work of many different vendors.

What sets Black Tie Digital apart is their belief that no single component to marketing online holds the key to success – rather a complete “system” working together in unison is what delivers results.  It is their system that allows clients to make money online by creating a big Internet presence with a small budget.

According to CEO Scott Brazdo, “It’s not about a website, social media, or SEO; it’s about all of them working together in harmony to drive more traffic to your website and help you convert visitors into leads.”

Black Tie Digital is also one of only two Google AdWords Certified Partners in Brevard County.