The New Salt of the Earth [By Eric Wright]

There was a time in history when salt was the commodity that drove empires. Believe it or not our word “salary” comes from salt’s Latin root. This mineral was essential to life, as it not only flavored and helped make products like cheese, it was the only preservative available. Thus it was one of the primary motivators for commerce and of incredible value. Hence, “They are worth their weight in salt.

The salt of the modern world, that ingredient that shapes, influences and flavors just about everything is now technology. Fortunately, not only is Central Florida America’s tourism capital, the region is also known worldwide for technological achievements and an amazing concentration of tech talent and dynamic tech businesses. One of the area’s emerging tech leaders is Jenna Buehler.

Jenna Buehler

CEO, Co-founder of Groundswell Startups

groundswellBuehler attended school in rural Indiana at DePauw University, known for its journalism program, and first visited the Space Coast on spring break during her junior year of college. A Midwest girl who had never seen the ocean before, fell in love with Florida. Upon graduation she got her first job in Miami at Knight Foundation, a private, non-profit foundation working to create informed and engaged communities. As fate would have it, she covered the startup scene.

“Miami has business talent to the extreme: There’s a lot of marketing and branding support. What they do not have is technical talent. Brevard is lacking business and marketing support, but has this intense technical talent that is available to the startup ecosystem,” Buehler said.

Beuhler and her co-founders established Groundswell Startups in June of 2015, helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting and growing early-stage companies through access and introductions to funding sources – for free.

“Together, we all saw a lot of potential in the Space Coast. Creating Groundswell had everything to do with strengthening the culture that already existed in this area.”