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“What are the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?”

Linda Batch Meeuwenberg: Perseverance! Fearless and [being] organized.

Bernie Simpkins:

  • Real Deep DETERMINATION!  Also known as “THE WILL TO SUCCEED”
  • FRUGALITY – Must save in order to be prepared to become an entrepreneur. You will need CAPITAL to start & you will learn by saving “how every decision will impact your business” and “your future”!  So learn to save early in life!
  • Be a SALESPERSON – Sell yourself first then you can sell your product.  Always practice HONESTY & the GOLDEN RULE.
  • POTENTIAL – Learn how to measure the POTENTIAL of the location & the product you are dealing with.  Also measure the Competition in your area of operation.
  • ACCOUNTING – be figure-conscious so you will understand your monthly P&L.
  • 40 HOURS WON’T GET THE JOB DONE!  Expect & be willing to get the job done (because tomorrow will have more to do).

Jessica Schecher:

Living in the FEAR ZONE!

Understanding that before you can know how it feels to truly succeed you must know how it feels to fail.

Knowing that there will always be naysayers, you must always keep moving forward and not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in even when others don’t understand at first.

Believing that time is your most valuable asset.

Investing in yourself.  If it doesn’t make you smarter, faster, stronger, or better in some way then it is not a good use for your time!

Being 100{099636d13cf70efd8d812c6f6a5a855fb6f8f27f35bea282d2df1d5ae896e2c2} accountable in EVERY situation!

I could go on all day! 😉

Robert L. Jordan, Jr.: Honesty, patience, relation builder, motivator, positive thinker and visionary/dream reality maker!

Rachel Fornes: Passion! Passion! passion! Love what you do and do what you love!!!!!!! All else follows!

Bill Williams:

An optimistic personality; Self confidence beyond that dictated by logic; Perseverance; Network with other likeminded individuals and be open to constructive advice; Wisdom to grow from an experience that others define as failure; Attention to producing a positive cash flow; A working knowledge of the tax code or using an accountant with such knowledge; Focus on your goal and never lose sight of it; Surround yourself with people better than yourself; Treat everyone with respect.

Robyn Rosenwald:

My Motto: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

Chris Burton:

Surround yourself with great people; Never focus on money…only the product and service you offer and how to make them both better

Joseph Grutta: Passion, determination, persistence and a willingness to adapt.

Barbara Wall:

The key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur in this day and age are many:

  • Stay upbeat and happy!  Make sure your staff and agents keep smiling….and if they are not, find out why!
  • With the struggles that our agents and staff (not to mention the rest of the nation) have to face with the changes in our economy, the entrepreneur who remembers the “Family First Rule” will stay abreast of the needs of the people and know who needs attention, time off, or just a talk to know that we care about them and about their families.
  • The owner must be involved and immersed in each aspect of the business.  All debts/bills must be personally reviewed each and every month.  This is not to say there is any distrust in the CPA or bookkeeper, as I personally think I have the best, however owners know which bills/accounts can be eliminated or lowered and CPA’s and bookkeepers keep you in the “black,” which is a wonderful thing.
  • At Prudential Sterling Properties, we offer bonuses to staff members who give us ideas on ways to save on our bills or enhance our exposure in this market through cost saving means, which are highly effective; this becomes a benefit to the owner and a benefit to the staff member.
  • Keep changing!  An entrepreneur continues to seek education and seminars to keep abreast of the changes in technology, advertising, and all that can boost the business to the next level.
  • Share session/roundtable discussions with other entrepreneurs; these are great ways to help one another.
  • Exercise until you sweat; enjoy the beauty of this area; find the humor in each person you touch; sleep peacefully; and don’t forget to kiss goodnight!

Tomorrow is a beautiful thing!

Lesa N. Lorusso:

The key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are: integrity, diligence and successful networking.

Kirk Kessel:

A successful entrepreneur is constantly learning, growing and changing within their field of business.  Success rarely comes quickly and easily; a successful entrepreneur therefore has to be tenacious, hardworking, patient and passionate with an unwavering sense of commitment.  Above all, a successful entrepreneur has to believe in themselves and their ability.

Alison Bogart:

Entrepreneurs MUST have passion, patience, and perseverance!  When you are genuinely enthusiastic about your business, you easily educate others about your services, WITHOUT coming off as “sales-ee.”

David Foley: Curiosity, perseverance and stamina.

Nadine Walker: To truly be a successful entrepreneur, you must be fearless.

Briggs Kilborne: A laser-like focus; Dogged determination.

Ruth Orr: Ethics, honesty, perseverance and build a relationship with your customers.

Chuck Clemente:

Vision; Focus on Vision; Leadership; Communications Excellence; Raising Capital; Relentless Work Ethic; Recruiting Talent; Recognizing Team Players; Relentless Problem Solver

Karen Gregory:

Successful entrepreneurs have a vision, are comfortable with risk, and persevere no matter the challenge.

Pamela Bennett:

Accepting excellence, innovative, belief in oneself, belief in your endeavor, knowing it “IS” working, knowing you are truly a success, focus, scaring oneself daily, going outside one’s box….if only for a peek!  NEVER QUITTING!!!!!!

Dawn Clough:

The most successful entrepreneurs excel at understanding, communicating and working with people.  Whether your company is big or small, selling a service or a product, everything revolves around people.  The best business managers foster relationships with their customers, employees and business partners.

A successful entrepreneur understands the value of branding and invests in it wisely.  When you think about some of the most successful companies in the world such as Google, Starbucks, Apple, and Coke, what stands out?  Their brand!  The best business managers invest time and money into developing, defining and continuously refining their brand.  The investment pays off!

Matt Kerr: Risk taker with a passion.

Jean Newell:

Here are my 4 key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.  They must:

  • Believe anything is possible.
  • Enjoy what you do.
  • Do whatever it takes.
  • Don’t abandon your dream.