Rachael Mazer leaves little doubt about her willingness and ability to engage with others throughout her community.
“I’m a social butterfly,” Mazer said. As the administrator/chief executive of Viera del Mar Health and Rehabilitation Center, which opened to patients last spring, Mazer’s pleasant disposition fits well. Owned by Gulf Coast Health Care, a leading multistate provider of short-term, post-acute and skilled nursing services, the center has ambitious plans.

Built on Stadium Parkway, the center is a senior rehabilitation and nursing care center to serve Viera and surrounding areas — with eyes on being a resort.

“We didn’t want to be like everybody else,” Mazer noted about the vision. “Our expectations are higher.”

Specifically, Viera del Mar is designed to expert care in recovery from accidents, illnesses or injuries. Specialists customize in medical, nutritional, mental and behavioral treatments; work with referring doctors to issue progress reports or update treatments and clinical care as needed; and collaborate with local specialty physicians to further individualize your care. In addition, personalized discharge plans are created with follow-up support. Meanwhile, outcomes meet and typically exceed industry standards, with the rate of return to hospitals considered exceptional, cites Mazer.

There are 131 beds in all, with 77 private rooms and 27 semi-private rooms.

Services encompass physical, occupational and speech therapy; medication management provided by a wellness team; 24-hour skilled nursing care; specialized skin and wound care with weekly consultations as needed; respiratory therapy; stroke rehabilitation; diabetes management; VitalStim® therapy to correct swallowing problems; cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation; hospice care; and postsurgical care.

That’s just a sampling. The full list is long.

Also, included throughout the center’s 92,600 square feet are more than 3,850 square feet of therapy space with state-of-the-art equipment and modalities. Mazer calls it a “rehabilitation gym.” There is a rehab courtyard, too, along with a studio apartment that provides therapy teams the opportunity to conduct complete therapy evaluations by studying daily activities, plus a beauty salon/spa, restaurant-style dining and room service.

A few more amenities: a movie theater, bistro, active life enrichment programs, private dining for family celebrations, Wi-Fi Internet access and flat screen televisions.

The overriding message: “No matter the need, we are committed to helping you or your loved one achieve the highest level of independence and health.”

Notably, the center already has received national recognition from NRC Health, an organization that honors top-performing hospitals and health systems. NRC recognized the center’s ability to discover and fulfill residents’ most important needs and expectations.
The center, according to Mazer, holds true to ownership’s motto, “A New Generation of Care.”

Gulf Coast Health Care operates 43 skilled nursing and assisted living centers throughout Florida and Mississippi with a team of more than 6,000 employees, referred to as associates.

Mazer, who has been part Gulf Coast for more than five years, says the company understands that the mindset and needs of caregiving is ever-evolving. As a result, the company cultivates a proactive, progressive approach to meeting that challenge — particularly when it comes to staffers, who currently total more than 90 nurses, therapists, counselors and other care providers, with addition personnel planned in the future.

While the center looks forward to contributing to the area’s economic development through jobs, employment positions won’t be filled without ample due diligence.

“We don’t just higher people who walk through the door. Associates [staff members] are part of the interview process, peer review,” she describes. “They can confirm or deny [a hiring], and it gives them a voice. … We try to promote empowerment and compassion.”
For Mazer, that also means customer service, both to patients and to their families.

“Customer service is really our big focus,” she said. “Quality is a given in our industry that we have to have good quality of care. But we really have a huge focus on customer service and guest service.”

It’s an accommodating approach, she added, that extends throughout Greater Melbourne. The center is a frequent sponsor of community events, such as health fairs, while volunteerism from locals is welcomed at the center and is encouraged outward among staffers.

“We want to be able to help the community, too,” Mazer concludes. “… We want to show the community what we’re made of.”