Holiday BuildersCOMPANY:  Holiday Builders

TITLE:  Regional President of Florida Divisions

When he describes the partnership between Holiday Builders and Shelter Mortgage, which dates back to 1997, Richard Brown’s words indicate a history full of both victories and challenges. All have been weathered to form a partnership built on respect that continues today.

“In a partnership, it’s a give-and-take, and when times are good, no one complains,” said Brown, regional president of all Florida divisions for Holiday Builders. “It’s when things are difficult the true test of a partnership is revealed. We’ve maintained the ability to be nimble and handle adversity together.”

It seems no one is better suited to measure this compatibility than Brown, who started off as president of one Florida division in 2014, according to Holiday Builders president and CEO Bruce Assam. “On September 1, 2018, he was promoted to regional president over all of Florida and Coastal Alabama,” Assam said. “We credit Rich for his outstanding leadership and assembling a team successful in continuing positive growth for Holiday Builders.”

As Brown works to expand and improve his divisions and lead his teams in pursuing goals that honor the company‘s vision, he has become more familiar than most with what Holiday Builders needs in a partner. “We maintain strong channels of communication, from the top level of management throughout the organizations,” Brown said. “We’re transparent with our growth strategies and plans, which helps each company to be proactive and more successful.”

It is these shared values of quality, respect and individualized and exceptional customer service, in both the Florida team led by Natasha Cartagena Spencer, senior vice president of Shelter Mortgage, and the Orlando team led by Kent Winkelseth, that make them such a perfect fit.

“While Shelter is part of a much larger organization, the team led by Natasha is very much like ours in that we’re a family-oriented company,” Brown said. “Our mission and values are similar. Holiday Builders’ goal is to provide a quality-built home of lasting value for the best possible price.”

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